What I Learned

When I realized I had to take Persuasion Communication to graduate I theorized how I could take it without actually doing much communication, my last class in Communication Research not being much of a success in either grade or social standing. However, as this semester progressed I realized there was a lot of interesting, subtle communication tools I never thought of as such.

The topic of persuasion has always been a rather interesting topicĀ  to me, but I never seemed to have much luck persuading anyone of anything important. Thus, I found the ELM to be very helpful. Before this class I categorized persuasion as subtle or non-subtle, not in terms of central route or peripheral route. Furthermore, a lot of the other concepts and persuasion tactics we discussed seemed fairly obvious, but it wasn’t until we discussed them in class and wrote blogs on them that I did any critical thinking on the matter.

Personally I think the blogs were the most helpful in this class because they created the critical thinking and application necessary to make the class relate able to us individually. The second most helpful thing was the logic presentation, again because of the application. The logic presentations tied it all together for me because you didn’t just have to think of your side. You had to think of how to make a persuasive speech while lowering the impact of someone else’s persuasion. In today’s world of business, especially marketing, you have to be good at that for your job and ultimately your company to survive.

The class was more helpful and interesting than I anticipated and I am very glad I took it at MSU. I believe theĀ  knowledge it gave me will be very beneficial in both my personal life and career.