Yoga w/ Jillian Michaels

Today I shall embark on the third day of yoga with the Jillian Michael’s DVD. I completed one of her workouts yesterday and the day before, and I am eager to press on.

Because I knew I had gained an extra 20-25 lbs. since the last time I did yoga (over a year ago) and that I was severely out of shape, for Day 1 workout one was chosen. I admit that secretly I harbored the hope that it wouldn’t be very tough, therefore giving me an increase in feelings of accomplishment and motivation, but I was out of luck. I couldn’t make it through all of the moves in the 30-min workout and I ended feeling fatter and more disgusted with myself than usual.

However, I dutifully put a dollar in my little workout jar, showered, and got in bed determined to do it again the following day. The jar by the way is an idea from Pinterest in which you put a dollar in a jar, can, or other form of penny bank every time you complete a workout. When you save enough money you treat yourself to something special as an award such as a new item of clothing or new shoes. Personally, I’d love to save enough to go on a shopping spree and buy a whole new wardrobe after I’ve lost all this weight.

Yesterday I was still unable to complete the entire workout, but I could do more than the previous day and I felt better at the end of it. I’m sure each day will pose its own challenges, but I am confident that with persistence I will prevail. Once I can do workout one all the way through I will move on to workout two. From there I will do both workout one and workout two as one complete workout. By the time I can do that successfully I will be ready to move on to the hour-long P90x yoga workout. I have it on my computer and I have done it before, but I am nowhere near being in shape enough to tackle it yet.

Am I getting a little ahead of myself? Maybe. But without specific, concrete goals you are less likely to continue on and progress . This isn’t just a two or three day affair. It isn’t even a two or three week affair. I thoroughly enjoy yoga and it is really good for me. I want it to become a lifestyle.

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