Investing In the Future

Invest in Yourself & Your Community

There are few things in life that will make you feel better about yourself than giving your time and energy to another individual or an organization.

It was my pleasure to intern at the Humane Society of Calloway County in Murray, KY my final year as an undergraduate, and after finishing the internship I found myself unable to walk away. It is an outstanding organization that works for and with the community to make Calloway County a better place, and I am proud to be a volunteer there.

Just a short year later I became very involved in another local non-profit: The Lakeland Friends of NRA. It is a non-political-affiliated organization that raises money specifically for the youth shooting sports and 4-H clubs. I now serve as a full-time committee member. I help organize and run our annual banquet and assist in other organization fundraisers. Youth are our future and 100% of the proceeds goes to them.

I encourage anyone who has a little spare time to find an organization, maybe not with animals if its not your passion, but find somewhere you can give. There are hundreds of organizations like HSCC that want and need your help. They don’t need just money, but your passion and your energy and common love for those around you.

Today, I challenge you to invest in your community and use whatever skills and knowledge you have to make the world a better place, one day at a time. You won’t regret it.

Boots & Sadie

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