Sunshine & Summertime


Yesterday I wore a tank top from morning to evening without being cold. Today the sun is shining and I can wear a tank top again if I choose. The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and warm. It looks like spring has finally made an appearance and that means summer is just around the corner!

This excites me for multiple reasons, the main one being that it’s my absolute favorite time of year! Being from the coast of Alabama, I grew up in the sweltering heat and high humidity and I dread cold weather.

Anyone can argue why a certain season is their favorite and I could  certainly have a lengthy conversation on the subject, but this post is not for that. I am merely reveling in the warmth and joy of today and hoping that at least one other person is seeing the beauty in the changing season and enjoying the day. However, while I’m at it, I will throw out the top five reasons I think summer is the best season ever and you as readers can discuss it among yourself if you please :

  1. I can wear tank tops and shorts every day
  2. I can take the dogs to the dog park or out on a walk without needing an Eskimo suit
  3. I can play at the pool or the beach and get a tan
  4. There are beautiful colors everywhere in the flowers and trees and butterflies
  5. Sunshine makes your body release endorphins and endorphins make you happy

The main point of today though is: whether you’re from the North or the South and whether you like the cold or the heat, enjoy the beautiful day outside. The world is a beautiful place if you’re looking in the right places.